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Photo Gallery: Le Tour DeVore 5

I’m back to going through photos from my backlog. This time going to January to the Le Tour DeVore. Jason DeVore, of Authority Zero, brought through a star studded cast of Howi Spangler, of Ballyhoo, Chris DeMakes, of Less than Jake, Gabo, of Fayuca, and Russ and Chris, of Meager Kings to the Yucca Tap Room. The tour entirely acoustic, giving people the opportunity to see these guys play their band’s songs and their own. That included an early peak at Chris’s first solo project live. Getting the chance to…

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The Tenth or Fourteenth Anniversary Squeegeeing By

Captain Squeegee is about fourteen years old, but that didn’t stop them from celebrating their tenth Anniversary tonight. How the math works out is that it has been about ten years since they stopped using the Soap Suds moniker on their name. The last release with that name on it was “Behind the Metal and Metric Pace” that came out ten years ago.  It makes for a good reason to throw a full of energy show with a trip down memory lane for Captain Squeegee. The show opened with a…

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