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Beach Bunny Back In Town

2020 and part of 2021 gave a lot of time to discover new music you didn’t listen to. Whether it was through the popular livestreams or just randomly going down a “You May Also Like” path, there was more time to dig deeper in. I did just that with one of the prominent ones I found being Beach Bunny. There were, and still are, points I just have them on loop. So when things started coming back and they announced their tour will coming through Phoenix, I was immediately tried to make sure to catch them live with Miloe.

Given that, I entered the show blind on Miloe and his music. He has calm and smooth voice that only lends to the collected feeling of the songs. Underneath the vocals you find complimentary indie rock instrumentals. The songs came across as an extension of him, as talking to the crowd he was cool and mellow.

He was listening to the chatter about a pit in the crowd, got them to open up one for a song too. While clearly calmer than our headliners, Miloe was a wonderful way to open up the show.

Then it was time to catch Beach Bunny on the Crescent Ballroom stage adorned with matching arcade cabinet lights on each side. This sold out crowd popped off from here, bouncing around a lot more from song to song. These poppy indie rock songs filled with energy and warmth as Lili sings and plays guitar. She was always interacting with the crowd and responding to things as she heard them.

Anthony Vaccaro, on bass, would even get on the microphone time to time to add a little more and a few thanks toward the end.  There was a moment that in all the excitement someone went down and they had to be carried out. She took a five minute break to just let everyone collect, drink water if they needed. This was a great moment showing how it was more important to them we take care of one another.

The set pulled songs from the already deeper catalog of Beach Bunny songs. There were the latest like the new single “Oxygen” and went further back to things like “6 Weeks” off Animalism. One of my favorites, “Colorblind,” was in it. A favorite not only because relatable to my past stuff lyrics but with guitar riffs I love within it. A common theme throughout the band’s catalog as there are just great guitar parts I can pull out and just vibe with. Beach Bunny made for one of my favorite shows of 2021, coming out of it with just a natural high from the little over an hour set.

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