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A Skankin Good Time!

This was a show wrap up that started before I knew I had caught Covid 19. I had finished processing the photos the following Sunday night from the show and as I started to sit down to write the following day, the symptoms of Covid 19 started setting in. Given the early symptoms included sinus pressure, it created conflict with my ability to focus on writing about this wonderful night of Ska at the Yucca Tap Room.  However, as I see the tail end of the symptoms I wanted to get the photos posted of the wonderful night and give you a general synopsis of the show.

It was a night that began with the punk sounds of Darling Skye. They were a blast to begin. I just had joy from finally get to see Zee and their band finally as a pandemic added another year before I could watch them.

You had David Miller in a mask very provocative of a certain Masked Intruder band. Plus you had Luis back behind the drum kit for helping keep rhythm on the fast paced punk rock. Darling Skye made for an enjoyable beginning to just get the energy moving in the room.

We rolled into our first Ska of the night and one of the best representatives of Phoenix ska with Bowcat. This night they were down their bassist, so Dane took over for the set. Because of that we found ourselves with a special guest from Epic XVIII step in on his usual saxophone position.

The circle was open and dancing as Marcia sang, occasionally joining the dancing in front of the stage. I’ve said it before, but Bowcat should be on your list of Phoenix bands you must check out.

Then it was our first out of town band and my first time catching the wonderful Re-Adjusters. This is a band that barely fit on that Yucca stage with eight members total up there.

Their vocals alternate mainly between Cheyanne and Jack, literally stage opposites this stage night. They made for a wonderful first impression and have their first full album that just came out that you should check out.

Last up was a band I’d seen before that is always awesome to catch with Epic XVIII. The first time I saw them goes back to the Phoenix Ska Punk Bowling festival in 2018. They are a high energy, ska punk style band from California. This was also their first show since losing their trombonist, John Mordasini, unexpectedly so it was a little different.

However, even having lost him their performance seemed to not miss a beat and excite audience members. Epic XVIII delivered a just plain fun end to the night and wonderful time for those skanking it up in the pit.

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