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Photo Gallery: The Adicts at the Marquee

There are bands that just make the entire set a magical experience. For me, one of the best bands at this is the Adicts. Monkey’s flair and way for the theatrics with various props bring this. Add in the happy faces of Pete Dee to Kiki Kabel while performing to add to the joyous feeling brought out in any given set. For me, it was a top of the bucket list to get the chance to take pictures of one of my favorites in punk rock, The Adicts.

Though speaking of energy, they brought on this tour with them Starving Wolves. These guys jump, climb and move throughout the set. Dave leads the charge of this eventually finding his way more in the audience than the stage.  It is high energy, fast moving punk rock that will get even the most statuesque member of a crowd moving. Plus the Phoenix stop bolstered by a solid list of locals with El Googly Diablo, Corky’s Leather Jacket, and the Venomous Pinks bringing their own flavor the pot. It was a stellar night and I am happy I got to capture it through photos. Please check them all out below and enjoy!

El Googly Diablo

Corky’s Leather Jacket

The Venomous Pinks

Starving Wolves

The Adicts

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