A Night Full of Character

Character is the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual. They are what tend to separate you from your friends. They come out in many forms, from personality to what you wear. This is a word you could use to describe this lineup at the Marquee.  

In a night full of character, it started a little bittersweet with the last set by GodSpeedBall. One last fast paced punk rock performance on the big stage a good way to go out.

Their on stage performance transferred from the small stages I was used to onto the big one without fail. At the least, happy to see GodSpeedBall end it with a bang, not a whimper.

The night ramped into Playboy Manbaby’s first Marquee Theatre set. However, in a fantastic, unorthodox way of performing at the Marquee, they didn’t let the stage contain them.

Robbie, Chris, and TJ spent a majority of the set down in the crowd. The pit formed around them and what a way to make an impression in a new place. I’ll certainly remember this Playboy Manbaby set for a while.

With Okilly Dokilly, I only recognized Head Ned since last I caught these neighborinos. This marked the first time I have seen the new lineup of Neds. This group looks confident and comfortable up there as they perform their “Nedal.”

Coming with that would be a much more refined sound since last I saw them too. The set left a lot of people enjoying themselves as Head Hed finished their last song in a ski suit that was like wearing nothing at all.

Last, how could you not want to experience Mac Sabbath? It is fast food humor blended with lyrics put to Black Sabbath songs. Meanwhile, the added zaniness across the stage from Ronald Osborne, vocals, to Slayer MacCheeze, on guitar, made it a challenge to keep a smile off anyone’s face.  

This marks the fourth time catching them for myself. Even so, they find ways to still bring out chuckles and laughs. I would totally appreciate a full Mac Flag set down the road if they are reading this. Regardless, if you haven’t seen Mac Sabbath, I recommend at least once watching them live.

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