Frantic Fun and Discovery

One of the pleasures of life is pure discovery. Going out to a place you have never been or taking a hiking trail that just caught your eye off the freeway. It brings a pure joy to seeing and experiencing the new things you took the chance to investigate. In the case of the night’s show, it was Retirement Party that was that discovery, coming through with Prince Daddy and the Hyena plus our local Troubled Minds.

The guys of Troubled Minds are deservedly popping up more on the shows I aim to catch. I can’t complain either, as they put on an enjoyable set every time. Part of that being the pop in their punk rock adding a jump to their on stage step. They are excited to be up on that stage, reflected in their expression filled performances.

It infects the crowd seeing the band as excited performing the music as the listener is to hear it. Perhaps it is the lessons learned from the road only improving their stage presence.  I say that as they’ve been busy, hitting the road since last I wrote about them. Regardless, I couldn’t ask for a better opener than Troubled Minds on this night.

Now smack dab in the middle of this night was the only band I was unfamiliar with, Retirement Party. From the start of the set, it appeared I was more in the minority. For good reason too, because by the end of the set I was ready to go buy their album. Their music is a calming, yet high energy indie and punk rock hybrid that just kept me hooked.

Perhaps thanks to the fantastic vocals of Avery Springer, that has that calm yet pitch perfect tone over the enthusiasm filled playing from James Ringness and Eddy Rodriguez. Since this show, their latest album, “Somewhat Literate,” has had many looping plays in my headphones at the gym and speakers of my car. I can’t sing their praises enough, Retirement Party is one of the best bands I have watched or listened to in the past year.

Last was a band I already knew was awesome, Prince Daddy and the Hyena. First time I saw them was with Rozwell Kid last year. Even then, I thought they put on a fantastic set. Since then they have released a superb new album, “Cosmic Thrill Seekers.” I’ve already have a friend or two tell me it is their definitive, favorite album of 2019. This seems to be a shared thought across many who came out to Rebel Lounge this night.

This crowd was pure nuts the moment they struck their first chord. The frenetic audience was moshing around, leaping to sing along with every lyric Kory belted to the hungry show goer. The band itself was bouncing around the stage, reciprocating the energy back to the room. Prince Daddy and the Hyena put the exclamation point on one of the best shows this year.

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