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Artist Spotlight: Masked Intruder

Masked Intruder is a band that first appeared on my radar as part of the Fat Wreck tour in 2013. On stage each member adorns a color coordinated ski mask and instrument. All the while, they sing songs about love and crime in a Ramones inspired pop punk. Personality radiates from the stage as they are constantly telling jokes and stories about their criminal escapades. This personality extends to Officer Bradford. He starts off serious looking like their parole officer, but then works to beat on the occasional intruder and jump into the crowd most of the set. Crowd engagement only goes further from there as they reach out to members of the audience to dance and sing on stage.

Their performance with the Interrupters was full of that personality. This night they were talking about how they promised they would not swear. Instead we got random other words in place of the usual. Additionally, they have informed us that Intruder Yellow is in jail at the moment. In his place, Intruder Purple has jumped in to fill the bass chords for the tour. She exudes a similar animated personality while performing without missing a beat. It was a Masked Intruder set that matched the pedigree I have enjoyed in their past stops in Phoenix. I only hope it is a shorter period between this show and their next stop in town.

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