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Artist Spotlight: Boss’ Daughter

In my second Artist Spotlight, I am bringing your attention to this awesome band out of Reno called Boss’ Daughter. My history with them goes back to a backyard barbecue during Punk Rock Bowling 2015 where a couple members played in a band called Vampirates. They technically played openers of that barbecue for PEARS. Keeping in touch with one member in particular, Chris Fox, brought his newer band Boss’ Daughter to my attention in the time following that. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the stars align for a Phoenix stop yet. So I decided time I go check them out while they were making a stop in Flagstaff.

Boss’ Daughter’s sound is a high energy punk like a Menzingers meets Days N Dayz. It brings in a little bit of that folk punk while leaning more traditional punk rock. Chris’s vocals certainly lend to my thoughts of a common tie to Days N Dayz. In addition, furthering the folk sound is John Underwood with his addition of trombone and trumpet. You may already know that name, because he has an excellent solo act of that more folk sound. The entire band is a high energy, bouncing around and happy go lucky bunch of guys on that stage. This lends to why they were a delight to catch perform live finally. Be sure to go catch Boss’ Daughter if they happen to be near where you are. I’ll keep my fingers crossed to see them in Phoenix one of these tours.

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