The Open Mic Night Surprise

I’ve attended open mics time to time over the years. They bring out great and growing musicians. There were a few I became a regular for a while, including the one that gave me my first nickname of “Homemade Shaker Joe.” This was a night that my friend Jaime, of 1967, returned to Phoenix to visit and perform. I was going to relax after his little set, but a surprise showed itself later into the night.

First, let us talk Jaime and 1967. He was once a resident of Phoenix when I met him. He performed with the band 1967 a lot of places I went. However, life took him to the Pacific Northwest where he would find that special someone to settle down with. The chances to see him got a lot slimmer, adding to why this was a special night. With the open mic, he took the awesome rock sound of 1967 and channeled it into acoustic for the night.

He brought two friends, including a mutual one in Showie from Ethan 103, to perform percussion behind him. This being open mic night meant it was limited to three songs, but it made for more time to catch up after.

While spending the rest of the open mic relaxing and enjoy the performances, we had the Struts show up to play. Coming off the last show of their tour over at the Marquee Theatre, they were up for a little more music. It was a stylish performance of a couple covers, adhering to the three song rule of the open mic. I lucked into having my camera with me this night, having brought it out to take pictures of Jaime. I got to capture the Struts as they performed on what will probably be the smallest stage I will catch them.

I end on catching our host, Jason Messer, perform to close out the night. Not only does he put on a great open mic with a list that fills early on, but he can play a great couple of songs. This included a friend of his joining with a didgeridoo. Kudos to Jason for the great open mic he puts on every Monday.

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