Every Show Joe Says Go! 2-23-2018

23 Feb

How about that? Probably the earliest in the day posted video. Tried the recording it the night before approach here and chocked it full of a bunch of shows you should try to catch for the next week. Hopefully I see you out there at a couple!

Friday 23

  • Skinny Lister with Will Varney and Cockswain at Valley Bar
  • Fairy Bones Album Release with Doll Skin, Bear Ghost, and Paper Foxes at the Crescent Ballroom
  • Twin Ponies Yucca Residency with James Band, Willetta, and Nanami Ozone at the Yucca Tap Room
  • Contradiktion with Madd Dog Tannen, No One Wins, Ass Wipe Junkies, and Gio, of Alex Squared, at the Palo Verde Lounge
  • Aerico, General Anxiety, and Draem Taem at the Time Out Lounge
  • God’s Beard, The Otos, and Soma at the Trunk Space
  • The Bittersweet Way, Moons, Birds & Monsters, Ghetto Cowgirl, Hostile Work Environment and one more band at Chopper Johns
  • Dubbest with Pride Through Strife, Clint Stevens at Last Exit Live
  • Incommunicado at the Richter Aleworks

Saturday 24

  • 80/20 Records 10th Anniversary Show with Captain Squeegee, Bear Ghost, 42 Eternal reunion, Ben Anderson Music, and Emily Grieve at Last Exit Live
  • Jack Topht with TOSO, Jet Grind Mobb, The Doyenne, and Hi, My Name is Ryan at the Trunk Space
  • Perfect Sense with Moment of Ruin, STD’s, Darling Skye, and Trust Your Gut at Tempe Tavern
  • Plush World TV Cassette Release with Doomed to Bloom and Tripaw’d at the Trunk Space
  • Jaime Reynolds, of 1967, at the Highside Bar
  • The 10th Annual Mustache Massacre with Ikonoklast, 80*D, Goth Brooks, Camel Enamel, and The Kas-Kit Dance at Pub Rock Live
  • Jam Now Record Release show with Wyves, Dirty Sunset, and Sugarwater at the Crescent Ballroom
  • Busty and the Bass with STS X Khari Mateen and Harrison Fjord at the Valley Bar

Sunday 25

  • Manic Monkeys, Ben Anderson, Joel Ekdahl, Oscar Rock, and Angel Kakes at the Yucca Tap Room, afternoon show starting at 1.
  • Pisces Party with Beats By Roi, Truvonne, Mind Upside, Why Worry, Idiaz, and Songs Lacking Talent at the Crescent Ballroom

Monday 26

Tuesday 27

  • Andrew Goldring, Cheap Hotels, and Panic Baby at the Yucca Tap Room
  • Free Kittens and Bread, TOSO, Gnarwhal Jrz and New Chums at the Trunk Space
  • They Might Be Giants at the Marquee

Wednesday 28

  • Typesetter with Contradiktion, Black Paw at the Yucca Tap Room
  • Mac Sabbath with Galactic Empire at the Rebel Lounge
  • Theo Grizol with Closet Goth, Soft Ronnie, and Justin Moody at the Trunk Space

Thursday 1

  • Break Shoes LP Release Show with Dent, Elna Rae, and the Desert Beats at Crescent Ballroom

Friday 2

  • Time Out Lounge 30 Year Anniversary Kickoff with Manic Monkeys, James Brown Band Band, Captive Cooks, and Endless Muse
  • Rogue Bar 11th Anniversary show with Terra Fractal, The Elegy Machine, Twin Ponies, Sunset Voodoo, and Colour TV
  • Punk Rock Psychotherapy with Andy Warpigs, The Bleedouts, Somewhat Damaged, and The Mental Code at the Quail Lounge
  • FIgureItOut with Baseline, Rival Coast, Way Under, and loveyourself. at Pub Rock Live
  • Days of Destruction Day 1 and will have some of these bands the first day, the rest on Saturday: The OI! Scouts, Endless Struggle, Corrupted Youth, The Besmirchers, Revolt, Dirty Work, Short Fuse, Arms Reach and Upstart 33, at the House of Bards, Tucson
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