Best Albums of 2017: The Nationals Edition

While the locals list is certainly the more special list to me, that national list is a good glimpse into my personal taste. The national list of favorites I expanded to fifteen to include bands that aren’t local, but would be considered local if I did live in their city. There was certainly a couple that I felt blended in and beat a few of the national acts. So with that in mind, let’s go down the list from fifteen to my favorite album of 2017. Side note, a couple pictures from before I had my camera featured here.

  1. Fare Game “Breakin’ Rules”

If you have followed me, you may notice I do favor faster paced punk rock. In their debut album, Fare Game brings me that fast paced sound I love with an excellent melodic mix. Jazz’s vocals shine and give them an edge in tracks like “Jealous Bitch.” A good New Year’s request is give me more Fare Game in 2018.

  1. Flogging Molly “Life Is Good”

Flogging Molly shows on this album they are just improving that polish on their brand of Celtic Punk Rock.  I love the politically charged, excited tones to this album. “Life Is Good” brings tracks that will leave you dancing around in your home. Favorites off of this album include “The Days We’ve Yet To Meet” and “The Guns of Jericho.” I am happy to have another excellent Flogging Molly album out 2017.

  1. Anti-Flag “American Fall”

Speaking of politically charged songs, the new Anti-Flag album is full of them. Some questioned if they could keep up the quality after American Spring, and I say yes. While I read some off put by the more poppy sound put together by them and Benji Madden, of Good Charlotte, mixing it, I think it is one of their best produced albums. Plus, they have a fucking ska song on here with “When The Wall Falls.” Any album that gives me Anti-Flag playing a solid ska track has to be on my list.

  1. Alestorm “No Grave But the Sea”

What the hell is Pirate Metal? That was a question I had answered when I caught them at Warped Tour. However, then to find out they had just released a new album, I gave them my money. I couldn’t stop listening to it for the first week I had it. I love the sound of the tracks on it, but also the humor in the lyrics of songs like “Mexico” and “Fucked With An Anchor.” Alestorm and this album were one of my biggest discoveries of 2017.

  1. Redneck Nosferatu “Redneck Nosferatu”

Now here is a band that I discovered for my first time this year with a killer new self-titled album. The hardcore punk style singing from Lola and Jacob kill it. Combine that with what is borderline Psychobilly and you have an album I would recommend to anyone. I love the songwriting, and the sense of humor with tracks like “Otis.” Catchy and fucking rocking, Redneck Nosferatu brought me a fantastic first impression.

  1. The Lillingtons “Stella Sapienta”

Here is an album with probably the closest to a rock opera on this list. Telling what is a supernatural story, but with political and societal commentary in its lyrics. You have this unique sound on a 2017 album, combined with the familiar vocals of Kody, many might know from Teenage Bottlerocket. I highly recommend you give the Lillingtons’ Fat Wreck debut a full listen.

  1. Matamoska “Skalluminati”

This is hands down, my favorite Ska album released in 2017. With amazing rhythms, keys and horns, I can’t imagine anyone listening to this not wanting to Skank.  More of the tracks hover as third wave, but with clear 2 Tone and Rocksteady influences in tracks like “El Coyote.” It is well produced, mixed, and easily deserves your attention.

  1. Authority Zero “Broadcasting to the Nations”

This is my favorite Authority Zero album since 12:34. Talk about getting their stride back, they do it with this superb sounding, fast as fuck punk rock sound. “Broadcasting to the Nations” communicates with its quality that this lineup of members appear to be in sync in style and tone. Listening to Authority for years, this is easily one of their best albums to date.

  1. Bad Cop/Bad Cop “Warriors”

They left a great first impression when I first heard their EP “Boss Lady.” “Warriors” shows that Bad Cop/Bad Cop is making impressive strides in their music. The song writing is amazing, covering political topics while incorporating serious societal issues with depression.  They hit the mark, and for me, with these tones. The song tracks are more refined, cleaner, and so fantastic to listen to. Their sophomore release on Fat Wreck is one of the best I’ve heard in 2017.

  1. The Bombpops “Fear of Missing Out”

This album is one of my most listened to in 2017. The music sounds crisp, clean, and I love the vocal harmonies on these songs. On top, there is the song written by Teenage Bottlerocket’s late drummer, Brandon, “Be Sweet” in which they capture that TBR sound perfectly. Built on a legacy of solid EP’s prior, the Bombpops “Fear of Missing Out” is a brand of punk rock that I fucking love listening to.

  1. Direct Hit/PEARS “Human Movement”

I bet you’re asking, a split on your album list? Yes, because they gave us a full album’s worth of mostly new tracks from both Direct Hit and PEARS. It is fucking amazing. That is not including that when I heard Direct Hit covering “You’re Boring” for the first time on here, I was cracking up. Devon Kay doing Zach’s vocals is perfection. If you passed over this because you just saw it as just another split between two bands, then hopefully this gets you to give it a listen.

  1. Rozwell Kid “Precious Art”

If Weezer and Nerf Herder had a baby, it would probably be Rozwell Kid and this album. Holy shit, do they capture a rock sound I can get down to. Plus the topics of their lyrics are full of this nerdy whimsy that I fell in love with the first time I heard them. “Precious Art” is one of my most listened to albums in the year 2017. Do not pass on it.

  1. Propaghandi “Victory Lap”

I can say that this album is Propagandhi coming out swinging with one of the most well written, well produced albums I have heard from anyone. The vocals are amazing and singing of best lyrics I’ve heard all year. That is with the clean and crisp sounds of the guitar and bass coming through on this tracks. They manage to continue being political in a package that just makes you want to keep listening to it over and over.

  1. The Bronx “V”

How you beat Propaghandi is with this hard punching album. It is pretty much an amazing East Coast Hardcore style album, but blends it perfectly with a garage and indie rock sound that was love at first listen. It brings an energy that I want to fucking mosh to. This album hit me strong and stuck with me. Everyone needs to listen to this album.

  1. The Menzingers “After the Party”

This album came out early in 2017 and withstood everything to stand atop my favorite album list. Not only did this “After the Party” hit with a fantastic sound, but the song writing I found the most relatable. It is about looking back into your twenties as a thirty something. As someone in my thirties, a lot of this stuff touched home for me and only bolstered it to by my favorite album of 2017.



Honorable Mentions: Franks and Deans “The Best You’re Gonna Feel All Day,” Teenage Bottlerocket “Stealing the Covers,” Days n Daze “Crustfall”, Guttermouth “The Whole Enchilada,” Dave Hause “Bury Me In Philly,” The Two Tens “On Repeat,” MC Chris “Foes,” Less than Jake “Sound the Alarm,” and I’m sure I could go on and on with more.

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