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Flogging Molly Returns With Violent Femmes To Mesa!

Sometimes you know you miss things, but until they are before your eyes you don’t realize how much you missed them. When it came to the tour with Violent Femmes and Flogging Molly, a pair of them in the form of Me First and the Gimme Gimmes and Flogging Molly brought out that exact feeling for me. However, that was in part because I had never seen Thick or Violent Femmes before.  I was in for a treat with the four combined this Friday night. Our openers were a band…

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Best Albums of 2017: The Nationals Edition

While the locals list is certainly the more special list to me, that national list is a good glimpse into my personal taste. The national list of favorites I expanded to fifteen to include bands that aren’t local, but would be considered local if I did live in their city. There was certainly a couple that I felt blended in and beat a few of the national acts. So with that in mind, let’s go down the list from fifteen to my favorite album of 2017. Side note, a couple…

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An Old St. Patrick’s Day Tradition Returns

Flogging Molly spent about one third of my life playing St. Patrick’s Day in Phoenix. They spoiled Phoenix with the best way to celebrate the holiday. A couple of those years they came through with their regular tour on top. Then after a long stint living in Los Angeles, they relocated the band to Detroit. This meant a harder trek than just four to five hours every year, and so the Phoenix tradition came to an end. In its ashes, they started doing the Salty Dog Cruise, which for some…

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