In With The Out Crowd

Enthusiasm is the intense and eager enjoyment, interest, or approval. Many describe it as infectious. I would go with it as the theme of the amazing lineup of a tour. This night’s tour package had Less than Jake and Face to Face co-headlining with Direct Hit and Jukebox Romantics along for the ride. All four of these bands brought a large amount of enthusiasm to their night’s performances. Opening up was the only band I was unfamiliar with going in, the Jukebox Romantics. The three piece from New York was…

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Best Albums of 2017: The Nationals Edition

While the locals list is certainly the more special list to me, that national list is a good glimpse into my personal taste. The national list of favorites I expanded to fifteen to include bands that aren’t local, but would be considered local if I did live in their city. There was certainly a couple that I felt blended in and beat a few of the national acts. So with that in mind, let’s go down the list from fifteen to my favorite album of 2017. Side note, a couple…

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