The Overlapping Tastes

If you told me there would be a tour with Reverend Horton Heat, Fishbone, and Strung Out on it, I would have given you an askew response. I think highly of all three bands, but together on one stage I wouldn’t imagine. However, it makes complete sense after a little thought. There are a bunch of crossover fans from the three genres of punk, ska, and rockabilly. With that, we got fantastic performances plus a great surprise in the opening Los Kung Fu Monkeys.

Entering the show I had a friend tell me I must make it there early to catch Los Kung Fu Monkeys. I’d never heard of them, but I would consider her one of my most knowledgeable friends on anything that involves rude boys and girls. She was right too. Los Kung Fu Monkeys are a high energy, bouncing around Ska Punk band that make you want to move your feet. Their front man, I could only find referenced as “Bang Bang” on their Facebook, was superb at engaging the early crowd. I walked away from their set blown away. Sign me up anytime Los Kung Fu Monkeys are in town again.

Following were another, although I already knew awesome, band of the ska genre, Fishbone. These guys came out strong. Style would be an understatement for their attire and performance. The set began with Angelo using the Theremin, then onto the microphone he does so well. Having seen these guys perform multiple times, I didn’t leave disappointed. The only difference of this and the last two times I saw them was that they gave me amazing two hour sets. So I can always do with more Fishbone when the opportunities present it.

Then came out Strung Out, one of the best punk bands to show off stage presence and keep up the energy of the night. Jake and Chris moved around, back and forth on that stage as Jason sang. Chris tended to find his way to the corners of the stage regularly. Jason was his usual charm and charisma as he leaned into that mic with a passion. Again reinforcing what an excellent time Strung Out live is.

Last up were the guys who are the definition of charisma, Reverend Horton Heat. Jim Heath and Jimbo have been two of the friendliest guys in my interactions over the past couple years. They are smiles and always happy up on those stages. Jim Heath to this day is one of my all-time favorite guitarists to watch. This tour they brought along a new drummer, RJ Contreras, who blended perfectly.

The set brought old songs and newer, as Jim pointed out the record label the songs originated from. There were the enjoyable tales from Jim through the set. These brought with them the super animated responses from Jimbo opposite him. One other cool addition for this tour was they brought Matt Jordan on piano. They took the opportunity to play some more classic Rock ‘n Roll in the middle of their set. This was in addition to their usual swapping of bass and guitar for a performance of “Johnny B Goode.” Matt brought a matching personality and smile. They closed out their near hour and a half set on a cover of Motorhead’s “Ace of Spades.” In the time I’ve been watching the Rev live, I have yet to walk away disappointed.

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