Yard Decorations Go Great On a Stage

Nights of discovering new music are fun. They can be brought on because I already know a band on the bill. They can be by happenstance that I decided to go check out a new show. However, tonight it was a combination of factors including the man, Matt, who was putting on the show. I met him at the last Good Ol’ Joel performance, and conveniently they were on this show too. Between Matt being a great salesman to get my interest peaked and Good Ol’ Joel, they had me sold for this Friday night with Yard Art.

When I arrived it was actually Neil Hillis opening up. He was performing on the acoustic. His sound a little bit of folk and a little bit of alternative. Walking right into music and Neil performing was a great surprise.

Following him was Good Ol’ Joel with that acoustic thing again. Like I mentioned the last time I caught them, they are more of a punk and indie rock sound when plugged in. With members out of town, once again we got to see Brandon and his drummer on a pair of guitars. A solid set of folk and acoustic punk once more from the duo. Good Ol’ Joel, whether acoustic or a full band, always delivers an excellent set of music.

Then was Go Outside, actually the first of two bands I was hearing for the first time. This band doesn’t seem stingy on the microphone. I saw three different members take on lead vocals throughout the set. Each different voice gives a different kind of inflection to the songs they are performing. Their sounds more like a slower Roswell Kid or Weezer. Go Outside played a great complimenting and setup band to our headliners.

Yard Art came out dressed in style for the headliner spot. The jackets didn’t last too long thanks to the temperature of the room, but the style did the entire set. The stage was dressed to match the aesthetics of their name.  Along pink flamingos and flowers, we saw that their lead vocalist wasn’t tied to one instrument. He alternated from guitar to keyboard through the set. Back to the style thing, they sounded like a mix of The Strokes if they mixed a couple genres into it. Yard Art left a great first impression, and I hope to get out seeing them more.

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