Wasn’t Going Out

This was a Saturday that I had consigned to staying in. It was the beginning of a more stressful period at my day job, and I always have pictures to catch up on. I posted it to Facebook to try to hold myself to it. Alas, it seems that music calls to me despite all the attempts to stay in. Music brings me to a place I enjoy being. So, I went over to Last Exit Live to catch a mix of bands I mostly didn’t know.

Opening up was the guys of Ancient Egypt. That sentence alone was fun to type out, but they make for a solid rock band. They are a more melodic and slower sound that you can’t help but tap a foot to. Plus, meeting the guys they are just super cool people. Ancient Egypt grabs my stamp of recommendation to anyone reading this.

Next were the guys of Said Gun. Take what Ancient Egypt sounds like and add more of a pop punk sound too it. Actually, I’d say with a strong Indie Rock or Garage Rock leaning like toyGuitar. These guys can play some fantastic music. Very animated and bring personality to their performance. Said Gun just kept the ramping up of energized music going with their set.

Following them were the guys of We Were Stereo. The last time I saw them play was for Will’s birthday. Like then, their personalities and humor shined. If I wasn’t enjoying their punk rock sound, I was laughing. We Were Stereo is an example of a band that hits on all angles for me. I enjoyed watching them and I will catch them again.

Last up was this two piece rock band, The Dukes. These guys are two French guys bringing the high energy garage rock to the stage. Plus their presentation is well done. They setup the bass drum and two other spots for projectors to sync animations to most of their songs. They bring one of the more unique band experiences I’ve seen on a stage. They made for a memorable end to a night that began thinking I was staying in.

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