The Night of Awesome Band Names

Two people can make up a great band. I’ve had this discussion time to time since discovering both the Two Tens and In the Whale in the past two years. While it doesn’t tend to include a bassist, these bands have an energy and garage punk sound that is enthralling. Entering the night, I was actually most excited to catch the Two Tens again. Plus this would be my first time seeing the Dollyrots.

What I didn’t expect was the excellent surprise with Shovel opening up. I haven’t listened to them before, but had heard their name more often in the past month. This is a band that makes the case that two piece bands can be just as great as any other. They have a garage rock sound and a punk rock pace. At some point I was just enamored watching Ward’s quick speed on drums during songs. If apartment hunting during the day zapped my energy, then Shovel was the surge of energy I needed to start the show.

Following them was the other awesome local band in Fairy Bones. If Shovel is more like the Two Tens, I’d compare Fairy Bones as the local compliment to Dollyrots this night. They are a little rock ‘n roll and a little alternative rock. This set did include a blues song too from Chelsey. Speaking of Chelsey, she has one of the best voices of our local music scene and moves to the music as she performs. Fairy Bones was the first of the night to bring the more elaborate stage lighting. They brought another good set to the stage on Tuesday night.

Then comes the main band I was there to catch most, the Two Tens. This band is made up of Adam Bones on guitar and Rikki Styxx on drums.  I would most compare them to toyGuitar, but with fewer members. Their music has an indie rock and punk rock sound blend. The entire set I’d swear they are all smiles. The Two Tens are the way I actually discovered Rikki’s other band here in Phoenix, the Darts. It was a sentimental set because it was the last night Rikki’s dad was helping them on tour. I think their music makes the case that they are as talented a band as some of the best out there.

Finally we come to seeing the Dollyrots for my first time. From their own words, it has been a couple years since they last played Phoenix. Like I described Fairy Bones earlier, they are an alternative and rock ‘n roll style band. On some tracks I would certainly say they lean punk. Mix in the dialogs with the audience through the set, and I could definitively say they are punk. Rikki played her second set of the night, this time with the Dollyrots. The last song of the set Adam joined on stage making it a complete Two Tens and Dollyrots combo. They were a fun way to close out this Tuesday night show. Hoping it isn’t as long between this Phoenix show and the next.

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