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Flogging Molly Returns With Violent Femmes To Mesa!

Sometimes you know you miss things, but until they are before your eyes you don’t realize how much you missed them. When it came to the tour with Violent Femmes and Flogging Molly, a pair of them in the form of Me First and the Gimme Gimmes and Flogging Molly brought out that exact feeling for me. However, that was in part because I had never seen Thick or Violent Femmes before.  I was in for a treat with the four combined this Friday night. Our openers were a band…

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Big Eyes for CJ Ramone

Nostalgia holds a strong grip on a lot of humanity. When you bring in nostalgia for a band that helped usher in the punk genre, you’re going to attract a lot of people looking for that original sound. While I enjoy watching CJ Ramone play some covers of The Ramones, what I enjoy more is watching him do his original stuff. He brought along Big Eyes for the tour, plus one of my local favorites, No Gimmick, opened up the Phoenix stop. Despite No Gimmick being a band for about…

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