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Hot Mulligan Brings a Fire Tour to the Van Buren

Going into a show blind can lead to just a bigger high when you discover another awesome band. It is the reason you should always go to a show from the beginning, as those openers have become a few of my favorite bands. However, in the case of Hot Mulligan, they were a band I actually had never listened to prior to this show going in. Additionally, Super American on this tour too. I was there for Sincere Engineer and Prince Daddy and the Hyena. Combined though, all four just impressed and made for a wonderful show.

Opening up was my first question mark of the night, Super American. They came out with drive and swagger. They were pumping out pop punk rock tunes that were crisp and clean. Vocal duties shared of Matt Cox and Patrick Feeley.

The other thing is on looking them up they are listed as a duo, but totally touring with a full band for this tour. It makes sense to have a full band, as the last album is a four piece work, just I couldn’t tell you who the other two were as this my first time catching them. Super American was a great tone setter to start out this show.

Then the show was into the known and a favorite next, Sincere Engineer. I first watched Deanna as a solo act on a tour with Lawrence Arms and Red City Radio playing heartfelt and relatable songs from her first record. Since, she has been back now with a full band twice with this show and this visit riding one of the best albums of 2021, Bless My Psyche.

The set included favorites like “Shattering” and “Corn Dog Sonnet No 7” and new ones from that latest album. It was cool hearing so many people singing along and seeing Sincere Engineer. They just keep growing and well deserved. It’s only a matter of time that they are filling big rooms without Hot Mulligan.

Third up was another band that just keeps getting bigger, Prince Daddy and the Hyena. They came through as support on a tour the first time I saw them. Their support growing as clearly a good section of this crowd was there to move and sing along for them. Kory, on vocals and guitar, and the entire band just embraces the high vigor of their songs.

I was entertained by the mask over Kory’s microphone as an additional safeguard. If looking for a sound description probably group it into that Jeff Rosenstock and PUP indie punk rock sound. They have always impressed since the first time I caught them and Prince Daddy and the Hyena continued to do it this night.

Finally it was Hot Mulligan. I honestly was not prepared for what I was about to see. I went in blind and right away Tades leaves an impression with his never stand still, hair flying performance vocals. It’s a high vitality, indie rock and pop emo sound that further leave an impression. Going in blind can’t name the songs, but I will say that Hot Mulligan made a new fan in me from this performance. They were excellent and hope to watch them again.

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