All In a Afternoon

The old Mason Jar used to do regular afternoon shows for years before it closed. In a nod to the old tradition, the Rebel Lounge that reopened the space as a venue has started it again. This past weekend I took up the opportunity finally check it out. It was a mix of anticipation to see Audrey Heartburn again while watching musicians I haven’t seen perform before with Connor Carmody, Ambient Six, and Corey PA.

Opening up was a gentleman I had met before, Corey PA, but I had not seen his musical talents on that stage. His approach is a solo act with a broad blend of musical influences and happy disposition. Unlike many solo performers he does it with an electric guitar.

That electric gives the music he performs that rock edge to it. Though with how he plays it and sings, that is where I would say it is a blues and jazz influence. If you haven’t seen him yet, Corey PA is one you won’t be disappointed with.

Following him was the band Ambient Six. The band’s name lends itself to a descriptor of their music. In cases, their songs are a bit of an ambient alternative rock. I found it easy to zone out to these songs.

However, there were also a few more upbeat tracks to that would fit perfectly into the indie rock mold to groove to. Josuerr pointed out the creative song titles in the gaps between songs too. It was a solid set from Ambient Six.

Then Audrey Heartburn took the stage. This is a band I have only seen a handful of times, but immediately stood out as something special. There is an infectious energy that emanates from stage to the crowd in every performance I have seen so far. Part of that has to do with Salah and Sophia doing a fantastic job of bouncing around, on and off the stage, as they perform. The other part is the entire band is moving around, smiling as they play. It ends up with a bunch of people jumping and moshing around to their music.

Another part that lends to their charm is Salah says funny dialog in a banal way that works so effectively. I honestly thought he was reading from a paper, but I did not see a single paper near him to read from. As for their type of music, think of them as a cross between Jeff Rosenstock and Playboy Manbaby. Their songs have a modern punk rock sound like Playboy Manbaby. Also, they are unafraid to have a song cross into whatever genre they want like Jeff Rosenstock. Audrey Heartburn is a band that since first seeing, I have made a big effort to catch more often. I’m hoping these words will get you to do the same.

Last up was the birthday boy and awesome surprise of a band, Connor Carmody. He had a matching energy and sound to Audrey Heartburn in his music. I would further it closer to that of a Jeff Rosenstock in the way he sings. In addition, hearing that his song writing is fluid and lyrics to a song could change by the next time I see him is an inventive idea. This is a mark of a creative type always wanting to adjust and perfect their creations.

With those songs, his band was a pleasant discovery to watch. Conner Carmody and his band had a passionate performance to close out the afternoon show. I walked away with a few new musicians to watch after this one.

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