The Up and Comers

Sometimes shows are going to be quieter and smaller. They tend to be the ones sitting on a Sunday, although a few big bands buck that trend. You find the gems at these shows. One such occasion is a week ago at the Yucca Tap Room, where we found our punk regulars, Birth of Monsters, joined by the up and coming young punks of Not Confined and the latest acoustic duo of Shamehole.

Up first were the familiar faces of Shamehole. This two piece band is made up of Evan, of Skull Drug, and his girlfriend, Amanda. It is more Amanda singing, while Evan takes the guitarist and backup vocals role for it. Performing mostly original songs, it makes for a more intimate performance among mostly friends this night.

Their jokes and humor bringing delight to those as they talk between songs. The songs punk in nature, although more folk and acoustic in sound. Shamehole stands out as a great little duo of two people who can add music to the growing list of ways they complement each other.

Following them is a band that is getting increasingly more exposure, Not Confined. These School of Rock kids have already graced the stage as big as Marquee Theatre, opening up for Authority Zero. They are increasingly playing more around Phoenix with each week. When you get the chance to watch them, you will see their talent is what brings the increased opportunities. This show was another opportunity to bring their talent in front of people who had not seen them before.

Their sound is undoubtedly punk rock. Capturing Bailey with a camera takes effort because of how much she moves. It is like she is channeling the energy of the music like Dave, of Starving Wolves, or her own idle Jason Devore, of Authority Zero. Torri isn’t left behind, moving around and occasionally crossing bass and guitar during songs. Michael on drums, while stuck on the stool, is as expressive as the rest of this band. If you get a chance to catch Not Confined anytime soon, go take advantage of it.

Last of the Sunday night was the harder punk rockers of Birth of Monsters. The makeup of this band has lead vocals behind the drums with Drew. Then you find the always bouncing around, and occasionally lead vocalist, Vic on the guitar. Miguel just plays it cool on bass and backup vocals to combine for this hardcore punk sound.

I have to say the fast paced beats with catchy and easy to remember lyrics make it infectious for any audience to get into. More often there is a mosh pit for these guys, and sometimes that is with Vic in it. The harder stuff tends to be where I have issues getting into a punk band. However, Birth of Monsters is a case of just the right formula to their songs to break into my list of favorite local bands to watch.

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