A Skankin’ Fourth

If there wasn’t a genre I did not catch enough of during the pre-Independence Day celebrations, it was Ska. Thanks to the actual Fourth of July, that was remedied. It had one of my favorite voices to hear sing in the Steady 45s and a regular staple of our local Ska scene, Bowcat. Plus Leigh, of Krovak, jumped on for some punk and folk acoustic songs to open up. To say I had a blast, would be an understatement.

First, if you have never caught a Krovak show, you should. Second, if you can see Leigh play, you should too. Armed with some of his band’s stuff, covers, and his other songs we get a great acoustic set out of Leigh. Just stuck on the stool with a guitar, he is all grins and smiles as he plays. Tianna made a great choice adding Leigh to the bill tonight.

Next up a band that is no stranger to opening up a lot of our ska shows in the valley, Bowcat. The band is made up of some of the biggest fans of the genre, three of which spin it on other nights. It was the usual allotment of the more traditional, 2 Tone sound. It had some great moments. One of our favorite shorter singers joined Marcia on the microphone. As always, a great set from the guys and gals of Bowcat.

Last up was the Steady 45s, the band lucky enough to have a Joe with an amazing singing voice. These guys bring a sound similar to that of the Slackers. They will touch upon old covers from an old Motown rock and roll with the talent to back it up. Mixed with other songs of well written 2 Tone beats, you get arguably the best set of the night. They finish with the horn section joining the skanking circle to close it out. Certainly, the Steady 45s are not a band to be missed.

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