Every Show Joe Says Go! 8-10-2017

After a busy week leading into feeling under the weather, the videos are back! And they are called “action figures.” Anyways, hope this helps find some shows and navigate the busy Saturday! And, as always, if you like a band fucking share it, post it, bring a friend to their next show!

Thursday 10

  • Rubedo with The Insects, The Banter, Reubot, Hollowpoint Vigils, Pain Proof Punks, and Justin Webb at Pub Rock Live
  • Miss Moody, The Doyenne, The Invisible Teal, and Wrong Whole at Yucca Tap Room
  • Nirantha, Anna C, and Leika Kitamura at Trunk Space

Friday 11

  • Warped Your Fest: Day 1 with Diners, Twin Ponies, Feral Moan, GABI, Childhood Asthma, Red Tank!, Willo House, Solomon Bobinac, and Harrison Huffman Band at the Trunk Space
  • Alex Squared with Sedated, Def Yeti and Birth of Monsters at Rips Bar
  • The Edisons Summer Camp Release show with Celebration Guns, Sun System, Soft Deadlines, and Broken Girls from Affluent Backgrounds at Last Exit Live
  • Joannah Joy with Bittersweet Way at Chopper Johns
  • Badabing, JJCnV, Man Hands, and Andy Warpigs at Yucca Tap Room

Saturday 12

  • Matamoska with Be Like Max, joined by Abraham Drinkin’, Mr. Incommunicado, and Jack the Cat at Arlies Bar and Grill
  • Pop Punk Tribute Show with members of Painting Fences, Audious, and others covering Offspring, Blink 182, and Green Day at Pho Cao
  • Warped Your Fest: Day 2 with The Expos, Closet Goth, Rabbit Trap, Cereal Milk, NX, Human Kitten, Sad Dance Party, RA Dragon, Doomed to Bloom, Eegee’s, Amatueur Hour, and more at the Trunk Space
  • Brick + Mortar with Pseudo Future, Bear Ghost, and Rival Coast at Rebel Lounge
  • The Father Figures, Grave Danger, and Dirty Hairy at Thirdspace
  • The Industry, Working Mutts, Asswipe Junkies, and Era of Extinction at Time Out Lounge
  • Clairevoyant Sound EP Release show with Mind Upside, Why Worry, and the Highest Conspiracy at Shady Park.
  • The Redemptions CD release show with The Apaches, Phantom Party, and Darkness Dear Boy at Rogue Bar
  • The Disclaimed, Manoz Zuziaz, DFMK, Silent Us, and DeathRide at PCP Crackhaus
  • Jane N The Jungle single and video release at Rockbar
  • Incubus with Jimmy Eat World at the Ak Shin Pavilion
  • Coastlands, Holy Fawn, Moons Eat Stars, and Ghost Island at Yucca Tap Room

Sunday 13

  • Redneck Nosferatu, OFA, Creepsville 666, Birth of Monsters, Old Fashion Assassin, and Leonhardt at Time Out Lounge

Monday 14

  • Sleeping Jesus with Surf Ave and Dira at the Rebel Lounge

Tuesday 15

  • Entry Entry with Pig City, Give Blood, and the Real Cost at the Nile Underground
  • Swing Utters with Western Settings, and Redneck Nosferatu at The Green Room, Flagstaff

Wednesday 16

  • AJJ with Robot (re)pair at the Trunk Space
  • The Emotron with Alhhla, Trash Mullet, West Oasis and HMNIR at the Lunchbox
  • Breakup Shoes, FutureSpeak, Post Hoc, and Fly the Coup at Rebel Lounge
  • The Loungey Bosses(Minibosses acoustic) at Crescent Ballroom

Thursday 17

  • AJJ with Cesar Ruiz at the Trunk Space
  • In the Whale with Jerk, We Might Be Wasted, and Ass Wipe Junkies at Yucca Tap Room
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