Punk, Punk, and More Punk

It was a night that brought together friends from everywhere. Our usual scene of friends joined by those we love when they come to town. For me there was new music and friends to meet with Year of the Fist too. This midweek show was one of the reasons I wish I didn’t have work the next day. This night at the Yucca Tap Room was five bands of significant energy, character and fantastic music.

The guys of Creepsville 666, who are becoming a regular attraction on this site, opened up. This was my first night catching them since Geno shaved his head. Though you wouldn’t have notice for a few songs, with him wearing this suave fedora. I stand by saying that if he wears suspenders with that shaved head, he could pass for Henry Rollins. The set was the usual moving around, smiling and having a blast I come to expect.  Creepsville 666 is a bunch of great dudes, and always recommended if you see them playing any given night.

Following them was Shovel, a band I haven’t seen in a little. They are another two piece band that shows that the number of members doesn’t discount the skill. Like others, including the Two Tens and In the Whale, they have a garage and punk rock sound. It brings a happy go lucky attitude and personality that just makes their sets all the more entertaining. While I don’t always get to catch them, the ones I have are excellent.

Smack dab in the middle were the first of our two touring bands, and new to me, Year of the Fist. This band out of the bay area brings a lot of personality and expressions to their performance. Just glance through a couple of the pictures from the set to see it. With that comes a lot of humor between the songs too. Plus they play great punk rock to top it all. Year of the Fist puts on a fantastic set. They are now on my radar for the next time they pass through Phoenix or if I’m in an area I see them playing.

Then the Venomous Pinks set out to rock this crowd. This night brought Corrie back on the second guitar. Being in Seattle hasn’t affected any of her skills playing these songs. I must thank Drea for the pizza slice hands during the set too. I think that could be an awesome thing to get going at every show when they play “Pizza Slice.” A great time seeing Corrie back, and all combined for another superb set from the Pinks.

Closing out are a band with two of the toughest punk rockers I know, Some Kind of Nightmare. They harken from San Diego, but their hearts sit on the road playing punk rock. On top, what makes them the toughest was when Molly was diagnosed with cancer, but her and her husband, Chy, kept doing what they loved through it. She has since overcome it, and they continue to follow that passion for punk rock. Their efforts make for terrific, fast paced punk rock. Both share on vocals, and move a ton around that stage. Always a wonderful set from Some Kind of Nightmare. If you are ever looking for a show to watch with them in town, you won’t find yourself disappointed.

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