Taking In Some Horror Punk

Discovery is one of the special ingredients of life. Tonight I was familiar with one of the bands, but didn’t do any research on what to expect from the other two. What I discovered was two more bands with personality. You can add Cadaver Dabba Doos and Redneck Nosferatu to that list alongside Creepsville 666 already on it. All three of them combined for a great middle of the week show.

First on the bill was the Cadaver Dabba Doos. They have been playing a bit these days, but this was my first chance to see them. Their sound is a punk rock, which sounded like it had influences of some grunge a couple times. Although, with a good sense of humor in their songs and lyrics. They reminded me a little bit of Mooseknuckle Sandwich, which appropriately Tom, their drummer, was wearing the shirt for tonight. I enjoyed their set, and I’m sure I will catch Cadaver Dabba Doos play again soon.

Middle band of the night is one I am super familiar with, Creepsville 666. These Rockabilly guys always a solid time and a perfect complimenting sound to our headliners. Tonight they got Tom, drummer of Cadaver Dabba Doos, to show off his 666 tattoo. It is a little funny to watch Matrick play without a monitor, because I’m so used to his stage presence using it to lean on and over. Che did a great job with the new equipment, which unfortunately was due to some douche stealing his old bass equipment. Overall, another great set from the guys of Creepsville 666.

Last up was Redneck Nosferatu for my first time. Even down a member, this band blew me away. They have an expressive stage presence from both Lola, bass, and Clovis, guitar. Lola is main vocals, bringing probably the most energy of anyone tonight. They are a fast, hard punk rock that I figure brings out many circle pits along their tour. Their songs have some great lyrics, down to one with a line about “skating with Satan.” I only hope they make another stop in Phoenix sooner than later.

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