The Pleasures of the Ears

Expanding on the bands and music that you listen to is one of the greatest pleasures. It lets you see and experience bands you may not have got out to see if you stuck to your bubble. On the flipside, it means you slowly build out a large music collection that gets harder to memorize all the lyrics within. Tonight was another one of those nights, experiencing Zeke for the first time.

There was only one local on this show, and that was Old Fashion Assassin. The three piece are more a metal leaning band, with some rock ‘n roll mixed in. Mikey takes vocals, at least when they have vocals. They do a metal staple, instrumentals, throughout multiple songs in their set. Between that and their expressive faces on stage, they make it fun to watch. They get into their music, and I love any band that shows it on stage like these guys. Old Fashion Assassin was an excellent opener for the night.

For my second time seeing them and playing second, there was Nashville Pussy. This band brings the rock, and Blaine’s awesome personality on vocals just adds to a superb set. While it would be easy to say they are southern rock, I actually lean more that they are just a harder rock ‘n roll. In the middle of the set they did a dedication to Chuck Berry to only cement this thought. Jack Daniels is found through the set, occasionally spit into the crowd. Blaine pours his beer in his hat and drinks it out near the end to, quite literally, cap off the set. Nashville Pussy is an amazing band to catch live.

However, Zeke made my jaw drop in how fantastic they play. The band is like if Motorhead was done at double the speed and mixed with a punk rock attitude. This was my first time seeing Zeke, which came highly recommended. I was told it had been a couple years since they visited Phoenix. They managed to play around forty minutes, and that is with most songs about two minutes long. Crazier is that talking to Mark after the set, he told me they were tired and this wasn’t their best set. If that is the case, I really want to see them come back soon to play after some rest. This easily was the most amazing way to cap off a great weekend of music.

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