Bro, Don’t Call Me Bro

There is not quite a show like a Broloaf show. I could name it that because of the presentation. The confetti, the beer bongs, and the story skits they put on through any given show. Though actually, it includes the bands that are booked with them. I find myself seeing fantastic bands, not always of the punk genre, playing on the bill with Broloaf. This is what leaves me anticipating anytime Broloaf plays, with no exception tonight.

No stranger to me or this site, We Might Be Wasted kicked off the night in usual fashion. The normal brand of blunt, but humorous songs flowed through the set. There were the usual dedications with “Fuck This Fake Scene” and “Speed Bump.” Midway through the set, Don took off his cap and makes his hair look a little frazzled for a couple songs. Donny kept trying to get the circle going early, no thanks to myself. For some reason, my energy was relaxed going in to this exciting night. No matter, it was a solid set of music and Donny got his plus one.

After them were the guys with more hair than the rest of the bands combined, minus Joey Paradise, in Warheads. These guys rocked, easily fitting the mold for fast paced, Hair Metal. Their drummer brought two bass drums and a large drum kit. For the last song of the set, we saw the double guitar pulled out too. Throughout the set, there were the most hair twirling, head bangers I’ve seen in a show.  Warheads were just awesome.

Smack dab in the middle there was the band the Screamin Yeehaws. Keeping up the speed of music with Warheads previously, but with a punk attitude and southern rock sound was this superb group of guys. The sounds coming off of the guitars alone make me think southern rock, but the lyrics were clearly punk rock. This unique blend combined with the great personality of their lead singer, Nick, made for probably the second most entertaining set of the night after Broloaf. Screamin’ Yeehaws played a fantastic set.

In the role of setup band, Sanitation Squad took up the challenge. They were the second band of the night to bring me my metal fix, though this was less speed and harder than Warheads earlier. On top, they were the most appreciative through the microphone with the constant thanking of the audience between songs. Unfortunately during this set, caught some dude pull a dick move on a guy in the pit. He was two people back, and would jump out to give this guy a strong shove. On his second time landed him face against the stage corner. Right here I will reemphasize, don’t be a dick and if you don’t like being near the pit then move away from it. Despite that distraction, Sanitation Squad played an excellent set.

Last up was the band, Broloaf, in which many had come out to see. They are a band that hits the right balance of playing not frequently and not too little, creating a good anticipation for their shows. If you are unfamiliar with the band, they are a punk rock band whose songs are written about the “bro” culture. If I know my Broloaf history correct, they were formed for a contest from a couple bands, and stayed together after it.

This night had a little less skit, but more about celebrating the man, the co-vocalist, Ben’s birthday. With that, the stage had its WWE decorations abound. With a fun opening speech from the Broloaf’s Coach, they were underway with fog machine and confetti spewing the party mix into the air as punk rock blasted from the stage. Tonight no cheerleaders, but we did have a girl to man the beer bongs per show tradition. Creepy Don playing our “Motocross Dude” for the song of the same name, getting crowd surfed around Yucca. They played some of my favorites from “Hole N 1” to “Bro, Don’t Call Me Bro.” J.R. joined the circle pit for the last song, bouncing around with the mic. All in all, it was a freaking fun night closing with me finding the “cocaine” glitter in places around my clothing, house and car from Broloaf. Plus, let me wish Ben a Happy Birthday once more here.

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