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Celebrating Ten Years of Playboy Manbaby

The first time I saw Playboy Manbaby it was stumbling into them on stage at the Long Wongs location near Apache and McClintock. I was at Tempe Tavern and the friends I was hanging out with decided let’s jump over to see what was a walk down the street. What first drew me to them was immediately the brass section. That accompanied by the misidentifying them as another ska band in an otherwise starved local Ska band scene in 2012 in Phoenix. However, the tunes they played were punk with…

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Raking It In

With a cover band, it tends to be hard to tell the true personality of the musicians. However, when you go to a Me First and the Gimme Gimmes show, the personalities shine the most. Tonight was a bigger example of this when you bring in awesome personality of the openers touring with them. The sold out crowd was in for a treat from all three bands on Wednesday. If there was a contest for best band name to tour with Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, it would be…

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