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Rhythm Room Rocks With Dave Hause and the Mermaid

There are artists that transcend genre. They start in one we love the most or hold dear enough. Though as they grow as musicians they branch further into others. One of those musicians is Dave Hause, who I know from punk rock origins with The Loved Ones and later The Falcon and All Brights. With his solo work, he has branched out further to showcase folk rock skills. This night brought him back to Phoenix with those skills. His band Dave Hause and the Mermaid with the talented Will Hoge…

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Frenetic, Fast Paced Fun

Have you ever heard a song and immediately were enamored with it? Hearing Amyl and the Sniffers song “GFY” for the first time on the Jonah Raydio podcast was just that. After that, I immediately jumped over to Spotify to listen to the rest of the self-titled album that it came from. The energy and sound grabbed me song after another on it. Of course, luck would have it they would be in town about a month after with a rad group of locals. Up first is a band I…

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