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Photo Gallery: The Avengers at Wooden Tooth Records

I’ve been sporadically digging into my photos, discovering ones that may got lost in the shuffle of everything I do. That was usually do to how much I ran around and tried to take photos before this pandemic put a stop to live shows for the time being. However, there was a cool event at the Wooden Tooth Records in Tucson that I never got around to posting. I actually stopped there to catch the show on my way to the SidePony Festival in Bisbee. They had the legendary Bay…

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Frenetic, Fast Paced Fun

Have you ever heard a song and immediately were enamored with it? Hearing Amyl and the Sniffers song “GFY” for the first time on the Jonah Raydio podcast was just that. After that, I immediately jumped over to Spotify to listen to the rest of the self-titled album that it came from. The energy and sound grabbed me song after another on it. Of course, luck would have it they would be in town about a month after with a rad group of locals. Up first is a band I…

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