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Every Show Joe Says Safely Go! 300th Episode! 12-23-2022

300th episode! With it is a lighter week of shows from Christmas to just before New Years. Thank you everyone who has supported this! Friday 23 (All times AZ/MST times unless otherwise noted) (Festivus) Saturday 24 (Christmas Eve) Sunday 25 (Christmas) Monday 26 (Last Day of Hanukkah/First Day of Kwanzaa) Tuesday 27 Wednesday 28 Thursday 29 Friday 30

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Telling My Long Covid story to ABC 15

If you’ve been following my content the past five months, you’ll have known I’ve been continuing to experience long Covid and chronic fatigue. I got contacted by Elenee Dao to tell part of that story as part of this story on ABC 15 News. So I’m sharing it with you guys here to additionally check out.

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A Sunday Night with Anti-Flag and We Are The Union

Since my long haul Covid has continued to keep me struggling with chronic fatigue, I started to set positive goals. Positive motivations for things I will do once this symptom is finally gone. However, this symptom has kept going and talking to my doctor we cannot pinpoint when exactly it will end. Despite that, time progressed toward one of those goals. That goal from the tour announcement was to get out to Anti-Flag with We Are the Union and Doll Skin and hopefully get to photograph it too. In that…

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A Zona Night with AJJ and Veronica Everheart

They say the universe works in mysterious ways. If you’ve been following me, I’m on a now five-month journey of experiencing long Covid and chronic fatigue. So, about a month ago I received an email about doing possible photos for this show and responded if I felt better, I might be able to at this Zona Nights show. Zona Nights the name for club shows playing around the inaugural Zona Music Fest. I am not exactly feeling better, but last week I received an email saying I’m approved. I thought…

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