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Every Show Joe Says Safely Go! 10-21-2022

Hello a week of so much awesome with shows around Phoenix this week!

Friday 21 (All times AZ/MST times unless otherwise noted)

  • Viva Puerto Rico! Featuring Las Calakas, Grupo Bombazo, Soy Reco, Taeps, Josue Kinter and his Empty Pleasures, Miguel El Mambo, and Las Chollas Peligrosas at Crescent Ballroom. To Benefit Puerto Rico. – 7:30 PM
  • The Smithereens with Fat Gray Cat, Carol Pacey & The Honeyshakers, Koza, and the Sintrics at the Marquee Theatre – 6 PM
  • Overstand with Loveship, Ladybird, and Meatsuit at Ground Zero – 6 PM
  • Redoubt with Dune Parade, Tracers at Time Out Lounge – 8 PM
  • Katie Mae & The Lubrication with Red McAdam at Chopper Johns – 9 PM
  • Pop Icons at AZ Roller Derby at Bell Bank Park – 6 PM
  • Tempe Jam with The Stakes, Paper Foxes, Banana Gun, and the Sacred G’s at Tempe Sports Complex – 7 to 10 PM
  • Saving Vice, Thirst, Hazen, Science Fair, and Echoes in Ashes at the Blooze Bar – 8 PM
  • Lil Nas X at Arizona Financial Theatre – 8 PM
  • San Jacinto Prison Band with Sunorus at the Lost Leaf – 9 PM
  • Dusk Festival Tucson Battle of the Bands at Club Congress, Tucson – 6 PM
  • Scott Klopfenstein over at – 9 PM

Saturday 22

  • College Radio with the Let Me Downs, Miles to Nowhere, and The Jena System at the Yucca Tap Room – 7 PM
  • Andy Warpigs Birthday Show with Shamehole, The Doyenne, Manoz Zuzias, The Bittersweet Way solo, James Majors, and Marshall Good at Rips Bar – 7 PM
  • Rage’s Birthday Rager 3 with El Googly Diablo and Bulletproof Backpacks at Yonkaz – 8 PM
  • Wyves with Scattered Melodies, Mr. Mudd & Mr. Gold at Last Exit Live – 9 PM
  • Big Sandy and Hi Fly-Rite Boys with Brea Burns and the Boleros at the Rhythm Room – 7 PM
  • Division of Laura Lee with If It Kills You, Miserable Ghost, and the Upchucks at the Nile – 7 PM
  • Vacations with Jackie Hayes at Crescent Ballroom – 8 PM
  • Metropolis Man with Faun Flora, Dean Nelson, and Sara Steen at Pub Rock Live – 7 PM
  • Magnolia with Grail, RFNP, and 1337 at the Alibi House – 7 PM
  • The Kepi Show with Kepi Ghoulie on Facebook – 9 AM and throughout the week!

Sunday 23

  • Orua with Laminate, Sativan, and Taeps at the Trunk Space. Masks required indoors. – 7:30 PM
  • Flor de Toloache with Las Chollas Peligrosas at the MIM, Musical Instrument Museum – 7 PM
  • Mike Malecker at the Wasted Grain Scottsdale – 5 PM
  • Panic at the Disco with Marina, Jake Wesley Rogers at the Footprint Center – 7 PM
  • Wheelwright with Joey Gutos at Yucca North, Flagstaff – 8 PM
  • The Dollyrots Go Acoustic: Family Sing-Along stream over on – 1 PM
  • Bite Me Bambi Music Show over at  – 2 PM

Monday 24

  • OFF! at the Valley Bar – 7:30 PM
  • Hawthorne Heights and Armor for Sleep with Action/Adventure, Sundressed at the Marquee Theatre – 6:30 PM

Tuesday 25

Wednesday 26

  • Agent Orange with The Venomous Pinks, Taken Days, and Skeleton Army at the Yucca Tap Room – 7 PM
  • Kickin’ In, Roof Rats, and Roach Radio at the Rhythm Room – 7 PM
  • Makeout with 408, Morning in May and Winterhaven at the Nile – 7 PM
  • Robbie’s, of Playboy Manbaby, Karaoke Dance Party at the Thunderbird Lounge – 9 PM
  • The Recording Artist with a special 30 minute stream at – 7 PM
  • Bite Me Bambi Music Show over at  – 5:30 PM

Thursday 27

  • Lost in… Lavender Town, Pokemon themed Halloween party, with Tarot Blood, Paper Foxes, Not Nearly, A Continent Named Coma and Mike and the Molotovs at Darkstar – 7 PM
  • Island Time Comedy with Spicy Mayo at Yucca Tap Room – 8 PM
  • Tatiana Crespo at Crescent Ballroom – 9 PM
  • Pleasure Cult Release Show at Gracie’s Tax Bar – 8 PM
  • Meatbodies with Spoon Benders, Bummer Girl at Rebel Lounge – 8 PM
  • The Ladies of Wax spinning ska at the Lost Leaf – 9 PM
  • Wayback Sessions with Ali A and the Agency on their YouTube channel at – 7 PM

Friday 28

  • Punk Rock Halloween Bash X with local bands doing Spinal Tap, Stiff Little Fingers, Corky’s West Coast Punk Covers, Avail and Me First and the Gimme Gimmes at Yucca Tap Room – 9 PM
  • Jimmy Eat World with the Maine, Thursday, PVRIS, and Sydney Sprague at Arizona Financial Theatre – 7 PM
  • AFI with Drab Majesty at the Marquee – 6:30 PM
  • Panda Hat Halloween with Chrome Rhino, Camptalo, The Blood Feud Family Singers, Gork, The Frequency Principle, and DL Harrison at Last Exit Live – 8 PM
  • Dark Ride and The Limit Club at Chopper Johns – 9 PM
  • Oso Oso with M.A.G.S. and anxious at the Rebel Lounge – 8 PM
  • Taylor Glasheen at Crescent Ballroom – 10 PM
  • Scott Klopfenstein over at – 9 PM
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