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A Miles to Nowhere Practice

The past over ten months has been the longest I’ve gone without physical live music in over a decade. It has been a more insular time as trying to quarantine due to Covid 19, mask up when I go grocery shopping or anywhere near others, and where we have had to go to other outlets to get that music fix. For me, that outlet has been the thousands of musician and concert streams that have been organized or simply on a whim gone live the past ten plus months.

One of those streams started up near the beginning of the quarantining was by Miles to Nowhere’s Kristen Taylor, called Carter Drive Sessions. It prides itself with never missing a Sunday evening, even if that means a jam session with her fortunately musical self and roommates. They’ve taken precautions of regularly cleaning, distancing members of guests, and other requirements to appear on the weekly stream.

This last Saturday, I got the opportunity to go watch from that same basement as Miles to Nowhere practiced for their upcoming January 31st appearance on the stream. It was wonderful just to mask up and catch up with the band, of which all members are friends of mine. In addition, it gave me my first in person live music in months and the opportunity to do my first “concert” photos in that same span. So please check out the photos below and be sure to tune into Carter Drive Sessions every Sunday at 7 PM, including for Miles to Nowhere on the 31st.

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