Reunited and It Feels So Good

If you’re lucky, sometimes things come together in a perfect way. Perhaps it is just that right sound with a band out of the gate. Maybe it is getting to see your favorite band reunite in original form. In the case of this night’s show, it was three former U.S. Bombs members coming together once again with a new band, the United X Bombs. Before and after them on this night joined the Venomous Pinks and the Vulturas, out of California, to mark the occasion.

The new look Venomous Pinks were the ones blessed to open up this special night. Since the change in lineup, a frequent appearance on this site too. Trying to keep from becoming a broken record, these ladies of punk continue to show growth in their current form.

It is wonderful watching them perform with a renewed enthusiasm since the changes. They show frequently on their faces the enjoyment of the performance.  There is more excitement as demonstrated in the increased leaps amid songs from Gaby Kaos. I’ve said my peace before over earlier events this year, but I’m happy to see the Venomous Pinks like this these days.

Then it was the magical coming together that appropriately calls themselves the United X Bombs. The band consists of original U.S. Bombs founding member, Kerry Martinez, alongside two the most commonly associated members, Wade Walston and Chip Hanna. At the helm on the microphone is The Aggrolites’ own, Jesse Wagner. If you think about the bands these guys come from, then you probably have an idea of the type of music they’re writing. It is an old school punk rock with a little rocksteady in the mix.

The UXB set was mostly original tracks they’ve written as the new band. However, throwing back to their U.S. Bombs origins they performed “Yer Country” and “Tora Tora Tora” to close their set. The main takeaway from watching them play is that the three U.S. Bombs members and Jess mesh well. Speaking of Jesse, he is a magnificent front man in whatever band you throw him into. He was there talking with the crowd and getting them further into the show. Another cool thing of note in their first live performance was audience members were singing back lyrics to songs like “Phoenix.” There was delight, both on stage and in front of it, for the first United X Bombs set. I don’t know if they could have asked for a better set to be their first performance.

Closing out the night was a band that blew me away at Punk Rock Bowling, The Vulturas. Their lead vocalist, Louis Perez, is high energy and will go as far as the microphone cord will let him. The closest comparisons I can think of would be Efrem, from Death By Stereo, and Matt Caughthran, from the Bronx. This is the engagement I love to see from bands and gets crowds excited.

The band behind him didn’t leave the stage, but moved around and played through stylish poses all the same. Their music style lending right to it, in a fast paced, punk rock ‘n roll. High energy closers like this are the best way to close a show too. In only the two times I’ve watched them, I am amazed in the Vulturas performance and music. I just hope it isn’t too long before they come back again.

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