A Little Taste of Americana

It has been longer than I like to go between posting shows. At the volume I attend, this thing just piles up. Unfortunately, the day job that has funded this for four years has let me go. The past couple weeks have been applying to jobs and getting used to the additional stresses. I want to say an up front apology for the longer delay. With that though, I’m excited to get back on this. The show I left off with was that of Mr. Mudd and Mr. Gold, two guys who play some of my favorite Americana and Folk songs.

Before we got to them though, the show was opened up with the super guys of Hostile Work Environment. The alternative rock guys know how to rock. They have a good presence and great skills on the instruments. I enjoyed that their drummer had a Mr. Poopy Butthole from Rick and Morty in his pocket the entire time. The band was introduced to me at a Painting Fences’ show. Conveniently enough, those guys were here in support too. Hostile Work Environment is one entertaining thirty minutes of music.

Following them were the good guys of American Longspurs. I’ve caught them once before at the Yucca Tap Room. They are more of a folk and country band. I’ve learned over time that I tend to not be swayed by genre, more so it is the energy of the music. They bring a personality and a rock edge with their tracks. The American Longspurs are awesome people and the perfect setup guys for the headliners of the night here.

What followed was the two dudes I’ve watched play for longer than most of the current local bands, Mr. Mudd and Mr. Gold. I preach their praises because they write fantastic music. They work hard to get it in front of people. This duo performs their brand of folk and Americana music with flair. That includes Tyler getting into it, dancing around as he performs. What works on that stage is you can tell they have a great dynamic together.

When you catch Mr. Mudd and Mr. Gold, you will find Tyler on the guitar and Jesse on the banjo. They alternate on the kick drum while continuing to play their respective instrument. A cool moment was Tyler getting to play a little electric guitar later in their set. Not only was that a special part of the night, Tyler was the birthday boy too. In the middle of their set we had the guys from American Longspurs get up to make sure we sung him a happy birthday. It was another superb night of music from Mr. Mudd and Mr. Gold.

Last up were the dudes of War Admiral. They slowed it down for us to close out the night. They were an alternative band, but with a soul and jazz leaning to their music. I’m not usually a fan of the last band having less energy than the prior at the end of the night, but the music these guys played was perfect. I certainly hope to find time to see War Admiral play again.

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