Ska Punk Is Dead

Well, no, it’s not dead. However, our local radio icon of the Ska Punk persuasion, Craven Moorehead, put together the first of possibly many nights under the name of “Ska Punk is Dead.” It is where fans of the genres can enjoy some punk rock and ska, have some beers, and meet other fans of the genre. There was some dancing too.

The night is made up of a custom mix of songs chosen by our Go Punk Yourself DJ, and joined by two musicians from the local scene putting their tastes on display. No worries about the “fucks” and “shits” here like on the radio airwaves, so anything goes expanding the songs they choose from. Tonight, we were joined by Drea Doll, of the Venomous Pinks, and the always entertaining Andy Warpigs. I brought the camera out, so check out some of the fun had last night below!

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