Local Punks Having Fun

Sometimes things happen and plans change. Unfortunately for the show last night, our headliner had a band emergency and didn’t make it to 51 West. Hope things are better now and they can continue on the road. What did happen as result was an awesome local punk show with two bands I was catching for the first time and a surprise at the end.

Up first were the Ass Wipe Junkies. They’d come recommended from a couple people, and I can see why. A mostly fast paced, punk rock set from this trio. Plus they are advocates of not paying for a show, so were covering it for people who showed up for them. During their set the pit started and kept going through the show. Not to mention that there was some hard hitting, high energy fans in that pit from my own experience in the circle. Hope to catch them again and I know I already will at a show with the next band.

Following them was our most political one of the night, Manoz Zuziaz. In the time of hanging out front, to going back in for their set, they had hung up their awesome Trump banner behind the stage.  This was quite appropriate given who was speaking in front of Congress this night. In addition, I found it cool that Jaime doesn’t do all the lead vocals, as Mayra, drums, sings lead on a couple songs. The entire set, Jaime was getting crap for drinking water instead of beer too. They are a fun band to watch play, and bring great friends for moshing.

Last was Dani’s, our birthday boy, and Liam’s band, the OTOS. The two piece not only brought the energy through the night, but to their set. That, and one other surprise, as Dani would strip down to only a sock strapped on over his dick for the last couple songs. Though let’s not forget the belt song where he voluntarily let people walk up and hit him over the back with a belt. For this set Liam wore a red hat with LED’s flickering on it, while he hit the double bass peddles. When it comes to entertaining, they certainly delivered. The entire night was a bunch of fun watching the three local bands brings their gritty, punk sound to 51 West.

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