Don’t Question Your Desire

There is a lot great music in Phoenix. There are a lot of great venues with music in Phoenix. Busy nights of music like tonight bring out the math, because then I’m stuck trying to figure out where to go and hope not to upset anyone I miss. This website has amplified how I want to try to get everyone covered, and I still want to watch some of my favorites. It makes for tough decisions, but no matter the choice, I always catch some amazing music. For example, tonight I ended up over at the Rebel Lounge for the benefit show for the American Diabetes Association with Harper and the Moths, Foresteater, and catching two bands I had never seen live before.

Opening up was the youngest of the bunch, 3Nations. The thing immediately that stood out was the amazing vocalist they have in Lelea. On his guitar, there is an inspiring message telling him to never give up and signed. That is an awesome message and anyone reading this should use that message on whatever their dreams are. Their set was well performed covers including some Michael Jackson, and, in addition, great original songs. I enjoy hearing a band’s original content because it helps distinguish who they are, and these guys are on the right track for a bright future.

Up after them was Celebration Guns, a band that I hadn’t seen before, but had seen a member of theirs play in Wet Lab twice. Justin, lead vocalist and many instrumentalists, performed in the Phoenix Rock Lottery in 2015 in the randomly assorted band called Wet Lab. This band has been on my radar, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to catch live. I wish I had made more effort to do so after last night, because the music they perform is amazing. Watching their guitarist, Chris, just play notes using the frets was just another thing I walked away thinking was awesome. I just want to say sorry it took me so long, but I need to see Celebration Guns more often now.

Following them was the amazing Foresteater, one of my more recent discoveries in the past couple months. This great alternative and rock band just has some flair, and not just Mikey’s hair and outfit. Mikey Pro likes to move to the music as he plays, noticing his ankle might have a little more flexibility than most people. Both Kim and Zak aren’t left behind, with smiles and getting into the groove behind him. Foresteater is another band that is on the growing list of trying to see more often, and so far keeping it up.

Last is one of my biggest favorites in the local scene, Harper and the Moths. From presentation, to energy, to flair, they have it. I don’t know if there is anyone in this band not moving around, dancing around, and showing great emotion performing their music. Tonight was a little different, as I got used to seeing Harper don the new mustache on stage. They played some new tracks that sounded as fantastic as the previous stuff they’ve released. I am excited to hear more of it, and when the new album hits. They have yet to disappoint me live or in the continuing tracks they put out over on their Bandcamp. The night as a whole was a resounding success, and helped out the American Diabetes Association in the process.

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