Eken is Dead’s Rogue Night

If there’s a hard punk band from L.A. that I don’t miss when they visit, that is the guys in Eken is Dead. I descended onto the Rogue Bar the first time in a couple months for this one, near the Southern border of Scottsdale. The other awesome thing about Eken is Dead shows in Phoenix is that it brings out a lot of friends so a great setting to catch music.



My reward for getting there in time for the opening band was I was greeted with the Ska Punk stylings of Nick Danger and Jack the Cat first thing! Thinking back in my short term memory, this is probably my first time seeing Jack the Cat at Rogue. Nick seemed a little calmer this night than his usual moving all over the stage. It made for some better pictures of him. Still surprised we didn’t see him get into the Cupcake coffin that was sitting along the stage the entire night.


They were followed by one of my favorite local, well more Arizona local, band Commission 28(C:28). These guys were great to last minute help fill the spot for Reason Unknown, whom had to drop off in a rare instance. Regardless, even the second time seeing these guys is fantastic. I would describe them as a little old Offspring crossed with NOFX influences, and then they mix in their own style. Whatever it is, it can be summarized as fantastic.


Next was Nomada, and I am still getting used to no more Mario on bass. The new bass player is great, but Mario’s charisma and personality on stage still is missed. That said we have one of the best guitarists in Arizona on that stage in Oscar Rock jamming. Colossal brought his great drumming skills to the night too. Their music is great, even if I don’t even speak a lot of Spanish. They also close out on a fantastic cover of Brohymm.


Then came the most energized set of the night from Eken is Dead. Chris was everywhere, from the stage to the floor to the bar. Drenching his hair, swinging it around, and encapsulating the energy to the hard punk rock sound the band is known for. There’s also a clear thrash metal influences in their music. Vic was great, sporting a stylish hat later in the set. Gag’s long beard was tied up, but the on stage chemistry with him and Vic shined through the entire set to make up for not seeing that awesome beard of Gag. These guys are so much fun to watch every time I can catch them and full of on stage jokes. Go check them out if you are nearby when they are playing show! This one is a blast to catch each and every time.


Finally it was Inept Hero to the stage. This is the band that has changed a bit, not just in the last couple years, but since I last saw them. The band has grown in band member size, carrying now two guitarists and two vocalists with Aaron Lugar. It has also got a lot harder and sounds more to be leaning the hardcore and metal ends of the spectrum now. They are the energy and sound you need at the end of the night! This show was a blast, with a ton of friends and great music.

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