In The Whale on this Punk Sunday

This night started after the Arizona Cardinals game, getting to Yucca early to chomp down their wings as a dinner and chat football with Eric and Nate of In the Whale. This was in addition to a discussion of which team do we dislike more on Sunday Night Football, the Seahawks or the Patriots. We didn’t come to any agreement, mine being a division rival with impartial feelings toward the Pats and theirs being an AFC rival of their Broncos. Then we drifted onto other topics, and had a blast the entire time.

Everyone filed in and the show got underway with We Might Be Wasted. The usual awesome banter and Dan’s resistance to playing a song occurred. Played the ones many love to hear, like “Fuck the Cops” and “Brick by Brick.” Although, I still will go with “Shit My Pants” my favorite I didn’t hear this night.  They were a good pace setter for this Sunday night show.


The crowd continued to grow to a solid Sunday showing once we hit Skull Drug. This set including an old favorite about sleeping in, along with about half of it including new stuff coming on their next album. It included a guest page turner, and singer, in Nick Danger for some songs on stage too. Skull Drug’s set was a great taste of even more good things to come in the future.

Finally came another time to see the awesome two piece band, In the Whale. Had this discussion about the validity of two piece band being good recently, and I don’t fucking care as long as the band makes some great music and has fun doing it in front of people. In the Whale do that, and with such animation to their faces and energy to their stage presence. These two guys that make it a blast to watch them every time they come back down here from Denver.


Go follow them on their Instagram for also some very entertaining pictures of their travels while we wait for the next show. Also go check out their new EP “Quicksand” produced by Bill Stevenson! Hoping it won’t be too long again until they make the trek here to Phoenix.

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