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Favorite Musician Discoveries of 2020

The understatement for a lot of us is that the year 2020 has been mostly downs with a couple ups. I’m here to help improve that with awesome artists I have discovered through the year. A couple of the musicians on the list were before quarantining and lockdowns, but they count in my book. Majority I found through the past eight months of livestreams and streamed concerts. I know for many of you, it is a lukewarm prospect to go watch these streams while you miss the live experience. However,…

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Theatrics and Fun Times Ahead

I’m of two minds of set times being posted. First, and probably more unique to myself and a few others, having set times posted can help me figure out on busy nights like tonight a plan of attack to hit the music I want to see. However, I’m on the other mind where I’ve been at a show early with an amazing local band, and no one is there. This happens more often than I like to see, and if there is only a start time you get a couple…

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