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Favorite Musician Discoveries of 2020

The understatement for a lot of us is that the year 2020 has been mostly downs with a couple ups. I’m here to help improve that with awesome artists I have discovered through the year. A couple of the musicians on the list were before quarantining and lockdowns, but they count in my book. Majority I found through the past eight months of livestreams and streamed concerts. I know for many of you, it is a lukewarm prospect to go watch these streams while you miss the live experience. However,…

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Photo Gallery: Mustard Plug & The Toasters

I’m back digging into my backlog of photos once again, with a night of Ska music to remind us of the good times before. This tour brought two staples and favorites of the genre, The Toasters and Mustard Plug, tag team headlining duties. Dave and Mustard Plug were their usual charismatic and fun selves taking top billing this night. Bucket singing songs from the Toasters that are so remembered they ended up more like singalongs with this crowd. I would be beside myself not to mention this tour introducing me…

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