Double the Party, Four Times the Show!

Merriam-Webster defines party as a social gathering. For many, that is how most would define a concert or show. You could literally say we have double the party with both Pity Party and Dog Party on night’s bill. This is probably an obvious joke that has run its course over the time of their tour with Bad Cop/Bad Cop. No matter, it makes for a nice attention getter to talk about their stop in Phoenix with the added awesomeness of our local Venomous Pinks.

Opening up was our local women, well usually all women, of the Venomous Pinks. However, there was a little difference tonight. Cassie, their normal drummer, currently is on the road in Europe with her other band, Union 13. Chip Hanna, most known as drummer for famous punk bands T.S.O.L., One Man Army, and U.S. Bombs, took on the throne for a Venomous Pinks’ set.

Outside of a legendary punk drummer behind them, the set was business like usual. One new trend since the lineup changed a couple months ago is seeing Gaby and Drea being more bubbly and happy on that stage. They are moving around, trying to coordinate together, and laughing off any failed attempts at a cool pose or move. It is great to see this from the Venomous Pinks up there and continuing.

Second this night, and in my time catching them, was the fast paced Pity Party. The first time I caught them, it was at the Palo Verde Lounge last year. The high energy, high flying Sarah Levy on the main mic and bouncing around of the band left a great first impression. I grabbed their most recent EP, “Are You Happy Yet?” that night.

Flash forward to tonight, and it reinforced that isn’t just a one-time kind of performance they give. They give their all on any stage. The fast paced, punk nature of their sound only lends to the enthusiasm and energy in their performance. It is more shocking that this night didn’t see more people with gusto like Sarah on stage, jumping into the air and moshing around. Pity Party is one of my favorite discoveries in the past year that continues to leave a wonderful impression each time on me.

Next was the only unfamiliar band to me, Dog Party. Apparently this duo of sisters is one I should have been aware of for a while. Upon conversation and a little looking up information, they have been performing for over a decade and in front of musicians like Kepi Ghoulie. Their sound invokes an old eighties punk combined with pop and an indie rock.

Excellent vocals as each Gwendolyn and Lucy share duties on the microphone from song to song. Given their long experience on a stage, I probably shouldn’t be surprised, but I was thoroughly impressed by what I watched of Dog Party.

Last was a now longtime favorite with the ladies of Bad Cop/Bad Cop back in Phoenix. They always perform at a solid level. Fantastic harmonies across the board and smiles most of the night. Of course, depends on the topic as it occasionally got serious. However, I’d expect no less from these four with songs that address topics from women empowerment to the song “Victoria,” for the loss of a friend’s daughter.

You find Stacy, Jennie, and Linh Le always moving around, finding ways to play next to each other when not needing to add a line of vocals to a song. Myra flashing smiles and laughs to them, joining in the fun despite stuck to the throne to keep up the percussion. Near the end, we had Sarah, from Pity Party, return to the stage to open up a song reading a women’s manifesto of sorts. In addition, our own Drea Doll, from the Pinks, joined them for guitar on a joy filled performance of “Womanarchist.” That is how Bad Cop/Bad Cop closed out a night of fun and friends that I won’t soon forget.

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