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Artist Spotlight: The Maybe Next Years

On the newest Artist Spotlight, I highlight one of the newer members of the Phoenix Punk scene, The Maybe Next Years. It is a band that I actually first watched a pair of the members in other bands. For one, Davey I first watched in the band the Darling Sounds. That was a slower tempo band, a little indie and alternative rock. He apparently had energy and enthusiasm he was holding back until The Maybe Next Years.

Then there is Sage, who I first caught in her other band Dwarf. Which, that band is rocking if you do get a chance to see. However, I think the different make up in the band and chemistry brings out a different angle on her on stage performance. Ian, on bass, is the only one who I am seeing for the first time in a band to my memory. What I love most about them is that you can tell they are excited playing every time The Maybe Next Years get on a stage.

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