A Day at the Sidepony Express

A little over a year ago, this festival out of town was brought to my attention. Even though I knew one of the organizers, it was not until I formally met another that it truly sunk in to go. Unfortunately, last year had an overlap of our local Phoenix Ska Punk Bowling and bad combination of not taking Monday off for the longer road trip. However, this year, I took the plunge down to Bisbee and the Sidepony Express Music Festival. Sidepony Express is a festival on its 8th year…

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Artist Spotlight Concerts 

Artist Spotlight: The Maybe Next Years

On the newest Artist Spotlight, I highlight one of the newer members of the Phoenix Punk scene, The Maybe Next Years. It is a band that I actually first watched a pair of the members in other bands. For one, Davey I first watched in the band the Darling Sounds. That was a slower tempo band, a little indie and alternative rock. He apparently had energy and enthusiasm he was holding back until The Maybe Next Years. Then there is Sage, who I first caught in her other band Dwarf.…

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