Artist Spotlight 

Artist Spotlight: The Bombpops

For the third band in my most recent feature, the Artist Spotlight, I am shining it on the Bombpops. This is a band I discovered the first time at Last Exit Live on a tour with the Swingin’ Utters in April 2015. This unknown was upbeat and the right kind of pop punk I love. A little Ramones blended with Joan Jett with their unique take on it. Lyrics I could relate to, with a few specifically because I had just come out of one of the worst relationship of…

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Watching An Icon

In the world of music there are icons and those that most would argue defined a type of music. In the larger spectrum, probably see the names of Elvis Presley and the Beatles thrown into that discussion. However, in the world of punk rock, the Misfits defined what horror punk is. In addition, they brought a look and names to the mix that forever cemented their icon status. Since the time of the band, three of them split off to form their own projects. One member to do this was…

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