True Sounds of Liberty

The month of August started with a bang. This was show that brought a legendary legacy in punk with the more exciting up and comers. There was no doubt I would be in attendance from the moment I saw show announcement. T.S.O.L. and Father Figures accompanied by the high energy guys of Reason Unknown and the Linecutters conquered Club Red this night.

Opening up is easily the best punks to explode on our scene in the last two years, the Linecutters. They blend hardcore singing with the tunes of your traditional punk. That is in addition to the occasional songs with the ska strums and rhythms. They do it with energy and flair that furthers my appreciation watching their performance. The Linecutters are one of the more unique punk performers around our scene. It is just a matter of time before they explode to bigger levels.

Then Reason Unknown with a special guest drummer for the night. Wyatt, of Skull Drug, was the man that stepped up to fill in on drums. Unfortunately, their prior drummer, Scott, moved to Colorado back in June creating this opening. During their search there was no passing on a show like this so Wyatt came in and with a few practices worked these songs like they were his own.

The set in general had Pat bouncing around the stage as Travis and him alternate on lead vocals. Reason Unknown’s political undertones to their songs blended perfectly into the music of the night.

Next up was a band with a solid legacy in the Phoenix scene, Father Figures. This band features heritage from JFA, with Michael Cornelius on guitar, and Northside Kings, with Tom Reardon doing vocals and bass. They combine for an excellent what I call a new, old school punk sound. Only my third time catching them live, their stage experience shines. They know how to speak and interact with an audience. They are very emotive in their stage expressions as they perform. I certainly will be trying to catch the Father Figures again soon.

Next up were the guys of T.S.O.L.  I have followed and listened to this band for a while, eating up their heavily politicized views. They have a sound to their music, similar to other eighties punk like Dead Kennedys and Adolescents, that I just love. It is a gritty, controversial, and a charged message wrapped in a punk wrapper. This is the music that just ignites me and my passions with each lyric.

Jack Grisham sits as one of my favorite front men to watch. He loves to move around when he sings. His conversations with the crowd were entertaining and funny. He brought a sharp sarcasm and bluntness with remarks thrown toward him on stage. He doesn’t hide his views, which goes a long way. In addition, we had Chip Hanna back on drums for T.S.O.L. this night. He looked like the kid in the candy aisle, grinning and happy behind that kit. T.S.O.L. just reinforced why they are one of my favorite bands to watch.

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