The Celts From Down Under

I love it when I get to throw a band in front of everyone on here that I’ve been aiming for more attention for a while. Tonight was a shorter show with just two bands. Although after getting up earlier for a Dentist appointment, my body was perfectly fine with a shorter night. This show brought us the Rumjacks all the way from Australia, plus our local band of energy, Cockswain.

First, this is where I embarrass my drunken judgement skills with a fun St. Patty’s Day story seeing Cockswain. Back in 2014, they played the Rose ‘n Crown. Being responsible, I thought this a perfect St. Patty’s Day show to catch and light rail it downtown. A little after eleven o’clock, about forty dollars of alcohol later, and the bands wrapped up, I decided to catch the light rail back to the East Valley. Turned out that the city of Phoenix doesn’t do holiday hours on a drinking holiday unless it hits on a Friday or Saturday so I caught one of the half route trains. So, watching people freak out, no cabs, and no one with a solution I posted to Facebook to see who was sober to find a ride, and started walking. I made it to Mill about one, and I formally met my buddy Andrew who recognized me from Reel Big Fish shows. He ended up buying me a beer after hearing my story. A little bit after that, reaching about five miles walked, I got a call and a ride from my friend Rob to make it home.

With that setup, let me just say I think Cockswain is a super band to watch. The energy across all the members is infectious to watch. That’s not including how much Neil loves to move around on the stage. I recall a few shows back that he hit his pocket so hard with the drum that it broke his phone. The closest sound comparison I can give you is Flogging Molly, and I’ve seen them do a cover of theirs too. With a band like this on the stage, it is easy to forget you are tired. I hope even these words and that anecdote above is enough to get you to one of their next shows.

Following them were the amazing dudes from down under, the Rumjacks. They were having some bad luck that included their lead vocalist in the hospital for this night. The man taking his place was no slouch, doing a fantastic job and alternated between two instruments through the set. They play a celtic punk sound like Cockswain, but there were other sounds integrated for a few of their songs. One easily could have been confused for a ska band. They are a great band to catch live, with an awesome energy to them. I am happy I was able to catch the Rumjacks on this U.S. tour, and hope it won’t be a last time.

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