Super Rad!

There are bands that are just pure joy. That joy can come to an audience through the lyrics they write, the way they perform, or just in how they treat their fans. For me, the Aquabats bring all of those kind of joys. Not only that, they were the second ska band I got into after discovering the genre. The song that first grabbed my attention was the one about school lunch and a celebrated food, “Pizza Day.” I have been attending their performances for the past fifteen years, not…

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EveryShowJoe’s Top 10 Influential Albums On His Life!

This idea came about as an exercise floating around the Facebook news feeds. The question was, what was the ten most influential albums on your life? For me, this was a chance go reminisce. To dig and research a little, correcting a little of my memories on what I heard before what. It brought out a couple of many stories I seem to have around my music experiences. Plus this will give you some insights into how my music tastes formed to where they sit today. So in not any…

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