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Lars Frederiksen Plays It Solo

There are artists that every time you see them is a bundle deal, always with one of their bands. That while some artists splinter off or do the solo thing as a side project, a lot just love doing it most with the family they call a band. Lars Frederiksen is one of those artists I’ve always seen in a band setting, whether it be with Rancid, Old Firm Casuals, or Oxley’s Midnight Runners. However, this year he has put together a tour going solo with a couple friends. This…

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Didn’t Feel Like A Monday

There are older bands I have not caught in a non-festival setting. These are excellent ones that either they haven’t visited in the time since discovering or I had one of my regular overlaps of music I want to go see in the same night. The Lower Class Brats and Old Firm Casuals are both bands that until recently fit underneath this. A show additionally bringing a Tucson favorite, Thug Riot, and I got introduced to a band I had never heard before, Grade 2. Opening up are the Tucson…

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